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Ankle Anatomy

Bony anatomy:

The ankle joint proper has 85% of the load between the lower tibia and the talus, 15% between the distal fibula and the talus.

The foot comprises the hindfoot (calcaneus, talus) midfoot (navicular, cuboid, cuneiforms) and forefoot (metatarsals and phalanges)

There are various tough ligaments that provide stability, notably around the ankle joint.


Medial (inner side) of ankle

Deep Deltoid runs from medial malleolus to talus
Superficial Deltoid divided into four bands:

  • Tibionavicular 

  • Anterior talotibial

  • Calcaneotibial

  • Posterior talotibial

medial ligaments.png
lateral ligaments.png

Lateral (outer side) of ankle

Anterior and posterior talofibular ligaments between fibula and talus

Calcaneofibular ligament inferiorly

Proximal to ankle

Anterior and Posterior tibio-fibular ligaments

Interosseous membrane

posterior ligaments.png
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